Clinics are held in the Fred Fox School of Music, Room 170. Specific topics will be announced soon.

Gene Koshinski Clinic

Sunday, June 7. 1:30pm

Russell Hartenberger Clinic

Monday, June 8. 4:00pm

Quey Duo Clinic

Tuesday, June 9. 4:00pm

Gene Koshinski Clinic

Wednesday, June 10. 4:00pm

Russell Hartenberger Clinic

Thursday, June 11. 4:00pm


Masterclasses are held in the Fred Fox School of Music, Room 170. 

Masterclass schedule coming soon


“On the Precipice” Composers Concert

Friday, June 12th, 7:30pm – Crowder Hall, FREE ADMISSION

This concert will feature four world premieres, and works by Gene Koshinski and Russell Hartenberger.

Tócalo Tucson Chamber Concert

Saturday, June 13th, 7:30pm – Crowder Hall, FREE ADMISSION

This concert will feature seminal works for chamber percussion.

Guest Artists:

Russell Hartenberger

Gene Koshinski

Quey Percussion Duo



To be announced

Resident Composers:

To be announced


Volta (12 or 13 players) – Russell Hartenberger

Eagles (4 or 5 players) – Russell Hartenberger

Clapping Music (for 12 players) – Steve Reich/Arr. Russell Hartenberger

Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organ – Steve Reich

Music for Pieces of Wood (5 players) – Steve Reich

Streamline (7 players) – Gene Koshinski

Rattle the Cage (8 players) – Gene Koshinski

Circuit Breaker (six players) – Gene Koshinski

Plus four World Premiere Pieces TBA