2022 - Third Annual Tócalo Tucson!

Summer Chamber Percussion Seminar

June 4-11, 2022
University of Arizona, Fred Fox School of Music

Morris Palter, Seminar Founder and Director

Tócalo Tucson 2019 Featured Guest

“Tócalo Tucson – Great students, great facilities, and a great host. Don’t miss the next one!”

– Bob Becker (NEXUS, Steve Reich Ensemble)

Tócalo Tucson 2019 Featured Guest

“…a great way for percussionists to go deep into Chamber music and your own musicianship!”

– Anders Åstrand

Tócalo Tucson 2018 Featured Guest

“…sharing in the positive spirit displayed by each and every participant was a special treat!”

– Bill Cahn (NEXUS, Eastman School of Music)

Tócalo Tucson 2018 Featured Guest

“…such an easy recommendation to make – check out Tócalo!”

– Casey Cangelosi

Tócalo Tucson 2019 Featured Guest

“…a must-experience event for all composers and percussionists!”

– Matthew Burtner

Russell Hartenberger

Tócalo Tucson 2022 featured Guest Artist

(NEXUS Percussion Ensemble, Steve Reich Ensemble)

Gene Koshinski 2022 Featured Guest

“On the Precipice” 2022 Composition Artist

“Koshinski moves effortlessly between various musical genres”
– Percussive Notes

Quey Percussion Duo

Tócalo Tucson 2022 featured Guest Artist

Tim Broscious and Gene Koshinski
(Artists in Residence, University of Minnesota, Duluth)

Tócalo Tucson is a week-long chamber percussion and composition seminar held at the Fred Fox School of Music at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

In conjunction with our Chamber Percussion Program, Tócalo Tucson 2022 will feature the “On the Precipice” Composition Residency Program. Please see all the details under the “PROGRAMS” header. Our 2022 guest faculty include Russell Hartenberger (NEXUS, Steve Reich Ensemble) and the Quey Duo (Gene Koshinski and Tim Broscious). Both Russell and Gene will also work with composers in the composition program.

Over the course of eight days, program participants will work closely with faculty in small chamber settings preparing notable works for performance on two dedicated concerts in Crowder Concert Hall, Friday, June 10th (“On the Precipice” Composition Residency Concert), and Saturday, June 11th (Tócalo Tucson Chamber Percussion Concert), 2022. These concerts are FREE admission.

The daily schedule will include two to three different rehearsal blocks, and a masterclass presented by one of our guest artists. Over the course of the week, private lessons will also be provided to participants, and optional group hikes, and visits to local Tucson landmarks will also occur. Of course, there will be personal practice time throughout the day!



Ready to spend a week learning exciting literature, working with world-class teachers, and performing an amazing finale concert?

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Ready to spend a week workshopping your composition, work with world-class composers and performers to get it just right, and hear your piece performed?

“On the Precipice” 2020 awaits…

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